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Students' Voice

 Study abroad in Hawaii

Oct. 27, 2015

Rino Miyamoto

I participated in the Global Youth Leadership Project: GYLP.

I went to Hawaii and participated in it for two weeks with 22 high school students from Hiroshima.
Four students were from Onokita.
GYLP is the shortened form of the Global Youth Leadership Program.
Our themes were the following three things.
First, learning and thinking about a peaceful and sustainable future.
Second, communicate with Hawaiian people.
And of course study English.

We made a number of memories there.

We learned many things at the East-West Center.
We discussed and learned about what we can do for a peaceful and sustainable future.
It is necessary to have our own opinions in all things and share them.

In Nanakuli High School, we had many valuable experiences.
For example, I watched a football game with their students, and stayed a night in their library.
We had a special relationship with the Nanakuli students.

We made a peace mural with them.
Through this activity, I noticed the importance of this relationship.
We use different languages, but I don’t care about that.

We also visited Pearl Harbor, too.
For me, The Arizona Memorial was the most impressionable place we visited.
Before I came here, I didn’t actually know much about Pearl Harbor.
Jimmy, a Chinese – Hawaiian survivor told us about his experiences of World War Ⅱ . And looking displays made me think about peace.
I want to know more about history because I don’t have knowledge about war and peace.

We had a great time at the beach.
Sure enough, Hawaii’s sea was very beautiful.
At Waikiki beach, we saw the sun set.
We watched the horizon during surfing and canoeing.

In farm, we felt great nature.

We cooked a traditional Hawaiian food: Laulau.
It is wrapped in leaves of taro and tea.
It was delicious.

I appreciated my host family very much.
They always took care of us nicely.
They took us to a beach, shopping, a stadium and other places around the island.
Staying at their house was very comfortable.

We learned a lot through this program.
And, we made friends with many people, not only Japanese students from other schools, but also various people in Hawaii.
So I think we could make wonderful relationships between myself and the others.
By opening our heart and respecting others, we can create a peaceful and sustainable future.
However, our English is limited so communicating with Hawaiian people was very difficult.
But the Hawaiian people were quite friendly, so I could talk easily.
For me, this summer was the best memory!