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Sister School

Sister School

We signed sister school agreement.

17 February 2012

Onomichi Kita High School formed a Sister School relationship with West Moreton Anglican College to develop a stronger, mutually beneficial relationship on February 17th, 2012..

1 About West Moreton Anglican College

West Moreton Anglican College (WestMAC) is situated about 30 km west of Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia. Founded in 1994, the school is affiliated with the Anglican church of Australia. WestMAC is a co-educational private college, catering to children from Prep to year 12. It is set on a spacious semi-rural campus of 38 hectares and has as many as 1,600 students. At WestMAC, students are highly motivated at pursuing their own studies, and graduates have had considerable success at being accepted by good universities.
From 2005 to 2007, select Onomichi-kita High school students attended WestMAC as a part of a short-term exchange program. This connection from the past helped lead to the present sister school agreement between Onomichi-kita and West Moreton Anglican College.

Principal Geoff McLay
Deputy Principal Janelle Lecinski

2 A look of sister school agreement

Brisbane City from a famous scenic point, Kangaloo Point

Signing the Sister School agreement at the principal’s office
Mr. Okuda, our principal and Ms.Lesinski, deputy principal at West Moreton

A photo after signing up the agreement

A photo after signing up the agreement

Students of the middle school

Sporting field used for cricket in summer and for rugby in winter

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