Unchanging Sincerity (Self-Respect Self-Reliance Self-Control)

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Hiroshima Prefectural Onomichi Kita High School, originally known as Onomichi Preparatory School, was founded in 1925 during the Taisho Era. It is a traditional school, which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. The number of graduates from our school is over 20,000. In Onomichi City, throughout Hiroshima prefecture and Japan, as well as abroad, our school has produced a number of talented students working in various fields.

Our school’s motto is "SHISEI IKKAN". This motto was determined by Yoshimoto Sakichi, the first principal of Onomichi Preparatory School under the old system. "SHISEI" means Sincerity and Devotion. During adolescence, students are easily upset, but it is also the single most important time to define their aspirations and determination. It is a teaching that their objectives will surely be achieved if they keep sincerity and devotion in mind. Even after 90 years have passed, this spirit of "SHISEI IKKAN" is still passed on to the students. In our school, they have high aspirations to study hard and join extracurricular activities such as student council.

Our school was designated as an “Admission and Guidance Leading School” in 2003 by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. We have made high career goals for our students, provided high-quality teaching, and have been promoting education to maximize the academic ability of each student. In addition to the foundation of these achievements, since 2009 we have been making efforts as a “Top Leader High School.”

In 2015, we have been designated as a "Core School of Exploration" of the "Innovation of Leading Pilot Schools”, which is the new project of the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. As an exploration core school, we will continue to nurture the students with the intelligence, vitality, heartfelt mind and leadership that will open up a new era. We will continue to make current and vibrant educational activities to maintain the trust of the community. Thank you for your support and cooperation with our school.

Hiroshima Prefectural Onomichi Kita High School

21st Principal Takanori Yoshimura

Principal Speech at the school assembly on Dec 22nd

Heisei 28 is about to end. Was this year a good year for you? What was the most significant news for you this year? Please talk about your best news with your neighbors for one minute in English.

My best news is that Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. For me, Bob Dylan is a superstar and a hero. This is the reason why I began playing the guitar and the harmonica. Many Japanese singers use his lyrics for their songs. For example, Shogo Hamada, a singer-songwriter I admire, used the lyrics of Bob Dylan's "Blowin’ in The Wind" in his debut song( "ROJIURA NO SHONEN").

Bob Dylan's song was once said to be a protest song. I think that various messages are hidden, in " Blowin’ in The Wind " ,which I sang at KITAKO cultural festival last year. People were surprised that Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize. Were you surprised? I was “NOT”. I took it as a matter of course. I think literary works are appreciated by readers and songs are appreciated by listeners.

Everyone has a chance to get the Nobel Prize. I expect your success. Third grade students, the entrance examinations of universities are approaching. Believe in yourself. You still have enough time. Your success depends on your efforts from now on.

I have a Christmas present for every student in the third grade. I will give you the following proverb.

"Without haste, but without rest"

1st and 2nd grade students, let’s yell for third grade students.

We will have a winter vacation. I hope you will make good use of this vacation. See you again on January 10th.

My best wishes to you all.

December 22, 2016
At the gym

Principal, Takanori Yoshimura