Unchanging Sincerity (Self-Respect Self-Reliance Self-Control)

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School of Justice and Righteousness (kouze_kokun)School of Instruction

School of Justice and Righteousness

Sincerity and Devotion to Consistency, Coherence, and Integration are the guiding principles on which Onomichi Kita High School was founded in 1925 (14th year of the Taisho Era)

The origin and reasoning behind Justice and Righteousness

In 1925, the school inspector of the Hiroshima Prefecture, Yoshimoto Sakichi sensei, was the founder and first principal of Onomichi Preparatory School. Through the creation of this institution, he entrusted to the future generations the ideals of Sincerity and Devotion.

The Japanese kanji for Sincerity or Devotion, shisei(shisei), are related to other kanji with flexible interpretations: magokoroi (magokoro) also meaning Sincerity or Devotion (although literally translated as a True Heart/Mind/Spirit), majime (majime) diligence or seriousness (a true face/mask of insight), and ryoshin (ryōshin) conscience (a good/skilled Heart/Mind/Spirit). shisei is our founding principle that we put into practice towards our objective of instructing students. If the tenets of shisei are followed, without fail, success is said to come from the spirit of Onomichi Preparatory School, which will provide emotional inspiration and encouragement to the students.

Beside the main gate is the stone monument with our motto

As a student of this Institution

The following three traits are emphasized:

1. jison (Jison) Self-respect

2. jiji (Jiji) Self-reliance

3. jisei (Jisei) Self-control

Created in the 21st year of the Showa Era (1946)

The grand plaque for students leaving the grounds

Translation provided by Michael Maniaci (ALT)

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