Unchanging Sincerity (Self-Respect Self-Reliance Self-Control)

School Guide


ICT and WiFi facilities
Every classroom has
a projector and WiFi network.
1st floor: used for
combative sports and training
3rd floor: gymnasium arena
Gymnasium Interior
used for sports
and official ceremonies
Gymnasium Stage
Theme of Onomichi's Scenery
Original piece of artwork by
1st alumni of Kita High School
ISHIDA Katsuhiko
Combative Sports Dojyo
Kendo, Judo
Weight Room
Student Hall
Funded Through Alumni Donations
Rest Plaza
Multimedia Room 1 and 2
Equipped with
40 internet-accessible computers
Audio Visual Room
Computer and large-screen
LCD system is installed
Contains an air conditioning unit
Multipurpose Room
Can hold up to 240 students
Equipped with a video projector
and air conditioning unit
Small Lecture Rooms
7 lecture rooms were installed
in the science building
to support smaller classes
Science Building
Completed August of 1999
Chemistry, biology, and physics classrooms
with laboratory facilities
4th floor: Multipurpose Room
Warm Toilet Seat
Warm toilet seat
with bidet functions