Unchanging Sincerity (Self-Respect Self-Reliance Self-Control)

Exploration Core School

Research Overview

Research Background

In 2015, we have been designated as a “Core School of Exploration" for the “Innovation of Leading Pilot Schools”, which is the new project of the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. As a core exploration school, we will continue to nurture the students with the intelligence, vitality, heartfelt mind and leadership necessary to open up a new era. We will continue to make current and engaging educational activities to maintain the trust of the community.

1. Our Aim and Objectives

To nurture ambitious students who can create new values by cooperating with others in our 21st century global society, while appreciating Japanese traditions and culture. We will develop new course instruction and comprehensive studies designed for our students to continue their lifelong learning.

2. Methods and Guidelines

Based on the comprehensive study of our school, we seek to develop and deepen the curriculum for comprehensive studies. This aims to foster the qualities and abilities needed to find and solve various issues to be solved, from local issues to global issues today. In addition, we will develop new course instruction, focusing on subject learning through discovering problems and learning to solve them so that we can develop our students’ thinking power, faculty of reason, and methods of expression, which leads to our students’ independent and lifelong learning.

3. Development and Implementation

  • A. Research and develop modern practices for the effective and comprehensive study of the curriculum

  • B. Further develop those practices into the curriculum for effective subject learning through discovering problems, critical thinking, and learning to solve them

  • C. Develop and implement methods for evaluating and analyzing these efforts